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Introduction To Carinderias In The Philippines

These modest eateries, while typically small and homely in ambiance, not only offer a taste of authentic Filipino food but also symbolize a rich cultural tradition. Have you ever wondered what makes these simple eateries so integral to Filipino culture?

What Is A Carinderia?

A Carinderia is a type of small eatery found throughout the Philippines, often described as the backbone of Filipino street food culture.

Characteristically small and family-owned, these establishments are known for their casual, open-air setting, making them easily accessible to customers from all walks of life.

Typically, a Carinderia showcases a range of viands laid out in pots or pans, with patrons selecting their preferred items, often served with a generous helping of rice.

History of Carinderia

The concept of the Carinderia has deep roots in Philippine history, tracing back to the pre-colonial era.

The Carinderia, often found in busy areas like Manila, derives its name from 'kari,' the Tagalog term for curry. Before the 1920s, when the name Carinderia was popularized, these eateries were known as 'karihan,' famous for serving the traditional Filipino dish kare-kare.

The origin of 'karihan' dates back to when Indian soldiers, or sepoys, who settled in Taytay and Cainta and married local Filipinas, began selling curry-based dishes on the streets.

What Can You Expect To Eat In A Carinderia?

In a Carinderia, you can expect to find a variety of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes, each simmering in flavorful sauces. Popular dishes include Adobo, Sinigang, and Lechon Kawali.

Apart from these, there's an array of other options like Pancit, Lumpia, and a range of regional specialties that change from one Carinderia to another.

A Staple For Filipino Entrepreneurship

The Carinderia is more than just a culinary fixture in the Philippines - it's a cornerstone of entrepreneurship because of its low startup costs, flexibility, and cultural appeal.

If you want to start a Carinderia business that serves delicious, home-cooked Filipino dishes, this section is for you!

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