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15 Laundry Promotion Ideas In The Philippines To Boost Revenue (With Tips & Examples)

By Yesh Quijano    November 6, 2023       min read

The Philippines’ laundry business industry is very competitive which makes finding innovative ways to increase revenue in your laundry business crucial.

From loyalty programs to seasonal deals, the right promotional strategies can significantly enhance your bottom line.

laundry business promotion ideas for Filipinos

In this article, we’ll explore 15 creative ideas that some of the most successful laundromats have implemented and answer this burning question: How can your laundry business stand out from the rest?

Key Takeaways

  • Tailored loyalty programs foster repeat business and customer loyalty.

  • Seasonal promotions can attract new customers during peak laundry periods.

  • Innovative marketing tactics set your laundry services apart in a crowded market.

15 Laundry Marketing Strategies For 2024 & Beyond

Grand Opening Celebration

New laundromat owner? Create a buzz and get people talking with a grand opening celebration.

While you can technically only do this once, it’s not just about the initial splash—it’s the ripple effect that keeps customers coming back long after the celebration ends.


Set the stage with vibrant decorations, local music, and maybe even a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the occasion. Offer discounts or free services for the first 50 customers to build immediate interest.

You can also engage with the community by involving nearby businesses, perhaps through collaborative coupons or shared promotions. Spread the word with eye-catching flyers and social media announcements.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is what small business owners often don’t have which prevents them from taking their laundry shop to the next level.

To create a positive impression and build trust, ensure your brand image is consistent across all platforms. This includes your website, social media accounts, and physical storefront. A strong brand identity will help your laundry business stand out in the laundry industry.

Example: If your brand colors are blue and yellow, make sure that those colors are consistent in your social media pages, signage, logos, and even laundry bags. Additionally, make sure your business description is consistent across social media platforms, fliers, and signages.

Leverage Curb Appeal

Curb appeal plays a crucial role in attracting more foot traffic to your laundromat. Invest in eye-catching exterior design elements, such as clean windows, updated signage, and well-maintained landscaping. This will create a positive impression on both potential and existing customers.

Pro Tip: Instruct your employees to keep the shop clean at all times. Including sweeping, re-arranging baskets, etc., at the end the end of the workday as part of their job responsibilities.

Reward Honest Reviews On Your Facebook Page

Encourage your loyal customers to leave honest reviews on your Facebook page. This helps build your business’s online reputation and credibility. Respond promptly to customer inquiries and show appreciation for their feedback.

Pro Tip: Incentivize your satisfied customers by implementing discounts in exchange for an honest Facebook review.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media Platforms

facebook can help market your laundry shop

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are powerful marketing tools for small businesses like yours and should be given serious consideration.

Create engaging social media posts to promote your laundromat and reach more potential customers. Utilize social media contests and giveaways to encourage audience participation and increase brand visibility.

Give Freebies, Rewards, And Giveaways

Offer free laundry day or free wash periodically to attract more customers and boost foot traffic. This promotional strategy not only benefits your existing customers but also helps you welcome new clients to your laundromat.

You can also offer promotional materials like a laundry bag and customers will generally be happy about this too.

Example: “Suds and Bubbles Laundromat” hosts a quarterly event called “Fresh Suds Sunday.” On this day, every customer receives their first 2 loads of laundry washed for free. This event is heavily advertised on social media, creating a buzz and attracting a crowd.

Not only do regular customers feel valued and more likely to return, but it also entices new customers to try out the laundry shop’s services. As a result, foot traffic increases, and many first-timers become repeat customers, boosting overall revenue.

Allow Customers To Book A Pickup And Delivery Service Online

pick up and delivery by motorcycle

Expand your laundry business by becoming a laundry pickup and delivery business too. Make it easy for customers to book these services online through your website or a mobile app. This convenience can help with customer retention and loyalty.

Example: Not everyone has prepaid load these days, so allow pick-up and delivery booking to be processed through Facebook Messenger instead.

Offer Contactless Delivery And Pickup Service

Prioritize safety and convenience by offering contactless delivery and pickup services. This feature appeals to customers who prefer minimal contact and it also showcases your laundromat’s adaptability to current trends.

Offer A Loyalty Program

a loyalty program is a common laundromat marketing tactic

Implement a loyalty program to reward your regular customers. This strategy encourages repeat business and builds a strong customer base. Loyal customers are more likely to recommend your laundromat to others, contributing to word-of-mouth marketing.

Example: Introduce a “Labada Points Program”, where customers earn 1 point for every 50 pesos spent. They can use these points in exchange for free washes or dry-cleaning services after reaching certain thresholds.

Give A Discount For Referrals

Motivate your current clients to recommend your services to their friends and family by rewarding them with discounts when their referrals result in new business. This strategy not only attracts new customers but also increases the loyalty of your existing clientèle.

Example: Customers who bring a friend would receive bonus points or free multiple loads, thereby enhancing the laundromat’s word-of-mouth reputation and customer loyalty.

Have A Special Promotion Day

Schedule special promotions or discounts on specific days, such as Free Wash Wednesdays, to keep customers engaged and encourage more foot traffic. These promotions create a sense of urgency that motivates customers to visit your laundromat.

Attend Community Events

Participate in local events, such as street fairs or fundraisers, to strengthen your connection to the community. Use these opportunities to showcase your laundromat and network with other local businesses.

Partner With Other Local Businesses Or University Organizations

Collaborate with local businesses and university organizations for mutual benefit. Offer special discounts or promotions to their members and employees, and in exchange, they can promote your laundromat to their network.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To Show Up On Google Maps

laundry shop in manila search results

Invest in digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, to improve your laundromat’s online presence. By ranking higher on Google Maps, you increase visibility and attract more customers to your business.

Word Of Mouth Marketing Still Works!

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Incentivize satisfied customers to relay their good experiences to their friends and family by offering discounts or freebies. This organic form of promotion remains one of the most effective drivers of new business.

Other Promotion Ideas

These are what I would call indirect promotion ideas because they are not exactly marketing activities, but they help retain patrons and add new ones.

  1. Upgrading your commercial laundry equipment. Although expensive, investing in higher-quality laundry equipment can enhance efficiency and attract customers who value superior service.

  2. Running paid Google ads. Utilizing Google ads can target potential customers actively searching for laundry services, though it may require a significant effort to optimize.

  3. Improving customer experience. Enhancing the overall customer experience can foster loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals, often without a hefty investment.

  4. Deploying a team or a “sales force”. Creating a dedicated sales team can actively seek out new clients and partnerships, expanding the business’s reach. However, this can be tedious to implement.

  5. Adding special services that other local laundromats don’t have or do poorly.

  6. On-boarding laundry experts or consultants to improve and refine your washing processes.

Managing a laundry shop involves weighing the pros and cons of various marketing strategies to stay competitive and profitable, so before you implement any strategy, make sure that they are in line with your overall advertising plan.


Why Offer Discounts and Promotions?

Offering discounts and promotions for your laundry business can help you attract potential customers and expand your customer base. By providing special offers, you are giving new customers an incentive to try your laundry services, while also rewarding loyal patrons for their continued patronage.

Offering incentives can make your laundromat business stand out from competitors, resulting in more customers choosing your laundromat over others.

Furthermore, discounts and promotions can be an effective marketing strategy to increase service usage during slower periods or give a boost to your overall revenue.

How to Implement Laundromat Promotions To Increase Revenue?

To implement discounts and promotions for your laundromat business, consider the following steps:

  1. Identify your goals: Determine the main objectives for offering discounts. It could be attracting new customers, increasing repeat business, or promoting specific services such as wash and fold or dry cleaning.

  2. Choose the right type of promotion:

    • Percentage discount: Offer a specific percentage off on your services, for example, 10% off on wash and fold.

    • Fixed discount: Offer a fixed amount off on your services, like P20 off on a specific day of the week.

    • Buy one, get one free: Encourage more service usage by advertising promotional pricing i.e., offering two services for the price of one during a promotional period.

  3. Select the best time for the promotion: Choose the most suitable time to offer the discount, such as weekdays during off-peak hours or specific days when your laundromat is less busy.

  4. Set a duration for the promotion: Decide the length of the promotional period, like a week-long promotion or a month-long offer. You can also choose to offer promotions on a recurring basis, such as every first Monday of the month.

  5. Communicate your promotion effectively: Utilize various marketing channels like social media, email newsletters, and in-store signage to inform your existing and potential customers about the promotion.

  6. Track the results: Keep a close eye on the effectiveness of your promotions. Measure the increase in sales, customer footfall, and loyalty to adjust future promotions accordingly.


Don’t let your business blend into the background!

Embracing these laundromat marketing strategies could be the thing you need to boost your laundry services’ revenue and define its long-term success. Pick a few ideas from our list, tailor them to your brand, and watch your revenue grow.

And if you’re still in the planning stages, you can check out our comprehensive guide on how to start a laundry shop business in The Philippines.

So, are you ready to spin the wheel of success?

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